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Yes, I am still here. It has been a crazy few months. Super busy at work, church, home. Lots of changes which I want to detail and will detail (hopefully) at some point. Things are good. 
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Vacation: T-2

Well, I promised you a vacation post so you get one. I am leaving in two days to go to the coast with a good friend of mine. We will stay in Biloxi one night, then head on over to Ft Walton Beach for 5 nights. It is going to be awesome!

I would love to post the details, but I am very busy so I will try to get to it later today. Suffice it to say that I am pretty pumped about this trip... and the one after it.


Journal of Teral Deborn #001 - Introduction

The man opened his eyes, his head groggy. He lay on shrub grass, near a small body of water. Palm trees rose beside him, but the warm wind gave truth to the desert landscape in all directions. To the north, a shadow on the horizon. To the south, a huge sandstorm in the distance. East and west the desert continued.

Teral.. Teral Deborn. Yes, that was his name, he remembered it now. Something about a tower, and an old man, and a portal... what was it? And his middle name! He had remembered it. He remembered remembering it... but not the name itself. Damn it! It was important somehow. Standing up slowly, he took stock of himself and his possessions. His brown leathers, those had been with him for as long as he remembered. A somewhat stale odor reminded him he was overdue for cleaning both himself and his clothing.

The sword at his side... this was unfamiliar. In a simple leather belt and scabbard, it was lightweight and yet felt at home in his hand. He swung it around a bit. It made a slight humming sound when he swung it fast. On the blade was script he did not recognize. Yet another question in need of an eventual answer. Sheathing the blade, he took out the dagger also on his belt from its small sheath. Sharp, but ordinary. Looked like it would throw well. He proved this shortly after by flinging it into a nearby palm tree trunk. Well, apparently he could throw a dagger passing well. Not bad.

What else? In his pocket, a small pouch with three gold pieces and two silver. Not much money. Also a scrap of parchment, upon which was written:

See Moneychanger, Do Not Spend

What the hell was that about? Looking at the coins carefully, each was imprinted with a twelve point star and a script that he could not read for shit. "Dammit!" he said. Why did there have to be so many questions, so few answers?! Where was he? Putting the money away, he patted down his pockets and found no other possessions except a small opalescent sphere. Shrugging, he put it back in his pocket. It was then that his eyes alighted upon the leather-bound journal by where he was laying.

"Yes, my journal," he said, softly, picking it up. This he remembered. He did not remember writing most of it, but it was always with him. He carried neither ink nor quill, but somehow he had entered in entry after entry. Sometimes the journal would open, sometimes it would not. With no latch nor lock, sometimes it remained sealed. The cover and back were unadorned leather, and on the cover there was etched a rune, a stylized M with a five pointed star above the dip and three dots in a tilted triangle formation just to the right of the letter. That was it, and he had no idea what it meant.

"I can't stay here forever," Teral muttered, but decided to bathe and wash his leathers before continuing on towards the shadow on the northern horizon. There was no way he was going south into that sandstorm, and east and west looked like a death trap. Better then unknown than certain doom, that was one of his (admittedly many, and subject to change) mottos. After drinking, bathing, and washing his clothes and underthings, he rested upon the grass. It was then that the journal opened. It had not opened in so very long...

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The page ended there, and Teral could not turn to the next one. The journal shut. Getting dressed and standing to his feet, he faced the dunes ahead, and the shadow in the distance. "I will find answers," he said, and somehow, this time he believed it...

The End is the Beginning

It is this place that has drawn him here. The man, clothed in dusty, worn leathers, approached the soaring tower that dominated the landscape. He had arrived on Ylsea months ago, and through trial and much trouble had finally found this place. The tower he had seen in his dreams. White, soaring, without any of the multi-level rings found on the surface.

A grin on his face, Teral Deborn took his steps down the rocky slope to where the small door was at the foot of the tower. He had almost died getting here, and not just from the underground fauna! It was illegal to enter the sub levels of Ylsea, forbidden by Multiversal law. But the dreams, they would not end. They drew him here, promised answers to all of the questions that plagued him.

For you see, Teral Deborn did not know who he was. But more on that later. All that was important was reaching the tower. Every answer he needed was there, he knew this more than he knew anything. His dreams had made that clear. He left the rocky path, and approached the wooden door. As he got closer, he saw an older man wearing a gray overcloak with a white staff sitting on a rock by the door.

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And so the tales of Teral Deborn begin.

New Campaign Discussion

We're getting the band back together!*  Basically, I am interested in doing a D&D game again but this is about more than just playing D&D. Now, not at my house and not on the weekend. Alex can't do weekend and honestly neither can I anymore. I just have too much stuff going on. I would, however, be willing to mark off 3-4 hours once a week to play some D&D with friends.

What prompted this?

Well, after Boon suggested that I get back into posting on my LJ, I went back and read the whole damn thing back to front. That's right, from 2002 all the way to present day. I then have been going back and reading friends LJs. Oh wow things have changed, but I digress... my point is that we used to hang out and have fun!

What are we talking, here, really?

I am talking about 3-4 hours on a set night where I run a game of D&D. However, I am talking about launching the game with flexibility. Maybe one night we decide to play a board game instead? Maybe someone wants to run a one-off dungeon crawl? Maybe we just want to hang out one night and have a few beers? THAT WILL BE COOL. It will be just like the good old days, only we are older and (hopefully, in my case) wiser.

These posts are so we can discuss the following things:

1. A night we can play on that nets the largest number of players.
2. A location to play.
3. A setting/campaign "setup".

Let's get to it! Your input is needed!

* - this is my cliche to symbolize resuming hanging out with old friends. i consider it celebratory
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Hey all, I hope everyone is doing well. I had a great Christmas season once again, but this winter has been anything but... wintry. I am hoping for a late resurgence in cold weather.
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